Altervits Eulogy

Read at the Taniava Mass Grave Ceremony, August 2010

Great grandpa Shaye and great grandma Eitta, I your granddaughter Bracha Ellner-Alterovits came here with great proud to update you and tell you, that, your son – my grand father- Sucher managed to protect and save his family from the Nazis.

Grandpa Sucher managed to provide for his family in very difficult conditions. As a Zionist he took his family to Israel and raised a beautiful wide tribe of Ellners. Today he is buried in the city of Zefat overlooking Mount Meiron and the Galili mountains where our ancestors lived before.

I also want to tell you that your grandson-my father- Abraham, the small child Eitta, who used to run to your house in "Rusky Bolechov" every Friday, and you used to give him a small cookie or a coin or any other surprise.

Well he's grown up to be a strong man. Fighting for his right as a Jew for freedom and independence, protecting his people in the six days war and the "Yom Kippur" war.

He always mentions your wooden house with the big yard and the horses you had. He doesn't stop talking about you.

I'm here to tell you that your grandchildren and great grand children didn't forget you. You and your children have vanished somewhere in the war, but you live through us. We are you, we continue the legacy you left us.

And we won't let anyone stop us!