Dedication Ceremony at Bolechow Jewish Cemetery Wall
Bolechow Jewish Heritage Society ceremony at cemetery wall dedication around the historic Jewish cemetery. Ceremony included welcome by Bolekhiv municipal leaders; BJHS leadership and Shlomo Adler, a Holocaust survivor from Bolekhiv.

Visit to The Site Where The Adlers Were Saved
Bolechow Jewish Heritage Society walked with Bolechow survivors Shlomo and Josef Adler past the ravine where, as boys, they hid overnight before going to the house where a Christian family hid them for nearly a year "between the walls" separating the house from the neighboring barn. Shlomo Adler described his experiences to both the BJHS participants.

Taniava Forest Ceremony
Bolechow Jewish Heritage Society memorial ceremony to remember the 950 Jews interred in a mass grave in the Taniava forest outside of the town of Bolekhiv, Ukraine. The group heard from people whose relatives are among those in the grave and one person whose family witnessed the march of the Jews to their final resting place.